What was the philosophy of J.Marberger Stuart?

"We live in a world of mysteries, of puzzles unsolved and unsolvable. Can time have a beginning or an end? Why is the grass green? What makes the sky blue? Will she love me forever? What horse will win the 5th race at Belmont? Magic represents the insatiable curiosity of the human mind. The endless search for answers. The two main components of magic are optical illusions and fantasy.

One of the greatest tricks ever invented is the mainstay of modern entertainment and was once a mere item on a magician's program. But, now even most magicians have forgotten that it is a magic trick. The trick is that of moving pictures. Here is an example of an illusion that has become separated from magicians and is popular even though it's secret is commonly known. Magicians should take note of why this particular illusion has become so overwhelmingly popular. It is because movies are used to tell stories. They make dreams come true. That is the basis of all real magic. More deliberate consideration needs to be given by magicians to the elements of magic that have the strongest psychological appeal to the spectator. The fulfilment of the dreams of the common man. The wish granted. The Love Won. The impossible obtained. The answer to the unsolvable puzzle.

Magic lifts man out of the commonplace and into a realm where dreams can and do come true.
For one brief, bright moment nothing is impossible -- That's MAGIC."

-J. Marberger Stuart, 1954.

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